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My name is Kerry Goring and I am passionate about empowering you to tap into your God/dess energy. 

I am all about helping you deep dive into highest part of who you are by helping you get to know sensual sense.

Speaker, Podcaster, Love Coach and host of my show KerrySutras, I come with a wealth lived experience. 

I am all about equipping you with tools that will support you in making real life choices about your relationships and sexual experiences by tapping into the highest parts of yourself.



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Find Your Sensual Sense

Find your center in the power of your Yoni.

Since ancient times the world understood the divineness of the female.  Her Yoni, or "Sacred Place", was the celebration of life itself.

Now is the time to rediscover the secrets of the womb and truly tap into this power to change your life!


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There is solace in true healing.

Let me help you to finally ignite your passion to your best self. 

Whether it is finding your best love, or fixing the love relationship you are  already in, I can help. 

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